Don't underestimate the power of good editor integration

Apr 01, 2022 路 programming
Close to 100% of programmers are typing code in a code editor!

Your config files should be typechecked

Jan 12, 2022 路 programming , javascript
aka, How to use the power of Typescript for your Prettier, ESLint and other config files

Moonlander Mark 1 review

Jan 01, 2021 路 productivity , ergonomy
Come get your futurist looking keyboards here, for a single payment of [a lot] you can perhaps save your wrists!

Eleventy pain points

In an unsurprising turns of event, it turns out you really can't write any kind of software without at least a few things going wrong

New Website!

Nov 30, 2016 路 pelican , release , website

SinaRun Update 1.5.1

Jul 26, 2016 路 SinaRun , games
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