This is my first time writing a full English article. English not being my native language there might be some errors there and there. I’m sorry! Now that everyone is aware of my bad english we can start this article!

Before we start talking about my game I would like to inform everyone that my website is now fully-translated in English! There might be some tiny things not translated but these will be fixed!

Also! I updated some pages on the website to make things clearer. Hope you guys like the changes! (For the random sentence in the header : These will NEVER be translated. There’s like 300+ sentences in there)

SinaRun Logo This awesome logo was made by Keranouille! It will be also used as the new official logo for the game.

Around a month ago I released my game SinaRun 2 (which will be renamed to ‘SinaRun’ very soon) on, Greenlight and some days after IndieGameStand! The game did okay! Well maybe not by the standard but since this is my first commercial game it did okay enough for me! Only 48h after the release I was at 40-50%~ of the way to the Top 100 on Greenlight.

That’s pretty awesome.. Want to know what’s even more awesome? Some days after the release youtubers, bloggers and even publishers started contacting me! Wow. People weren’t that interested in my games before but hey that’s awesome! So here we are now.. People like my game! (I said no to the publisher because I didn’t like the contract and anyway.. Being Indie is awesome!)

We are now the 3 September (13 days after the release). I receive a mail from Thomas Brooke, CEO and Founder of (a game bundle website). My game is okay enough to be included in a bundle? That’s pretty nice! Meanwhile the Greenlight was going very well. When Thomas first contacted me SinaRun was at 70%~ of the way to the Top 100!

10 September (20 days after the release) : The game was at 81% of the way to the Top 100 on Greenlight and the bundle launched! This bundle had a special ‘preorder’ thing where you could preorder the bundle for only 1.50$! 3300~ Bundles were sold during that special ‘preorder’ state. That’s pretty cool! 3300~ people now have my game in their library! The Bundle REALLY helped. 1-2 days after the Bundle I was in the Top 100 on Greenlight.

And then.. 8 days after the Bundle launch.. SinaRun get Greenlit! (28 days after the release) I’m not gonna lie I was QUITE happy about the situation. Greenlit under one month for a game that was not popular at all least than a month before? Also I wasn’t expecting it to get Greenlit (or at least not that fast) since the game is designed to only appeal to a specific type of people. The game was #41 on Greenlight when it got Greenlit.

A big thanks to everyone for voting for the game on Greenlight. Thank you to everyone who supported me!

SinaRun Greenlight Stats SinaRun Greenlight Graph
For those interested here’s two images of the Greenlight stats page for SinaRun 2