At first I wasn’t supposed to make a level for this update but some of my friends said that despite being a optimization update it would feel too empty without a new map sooooo here we are!

Sweet Sweet Celestial Sweet Sweet Celestial. Visual by @Keranouille and IndieGameStand buyers can download this update by visiting the download page (Game Wallet for IndieGameStand and the My Games page for

For Groupees buyers : AFAIK the Groupees Staff need to manually update the download link. So you guys will only receive the update when Groupees is ready which will be.. I don’t know when. It’s honestly a pain in the ass to have a game there. You can’t do anything yourself and you need to contact Groupees by mail then wait some hours/days for every tiny details

Alright here’s to the changelog.


// NEW THINGS - Added GUI animations for the main menu and the pause menu - These can’t be disabled but I made the fading faster in the option menu. Knowing it can be hard to navigate in it - Also the animation only change the GUI alpha. So if you know where things are you can start doing things before they appear - The animation is pretty fast so there’s shouldn’t be any problems anyway - Enabled the ‘Title’ thingy in the main menu and the pause menu - Example : The ‘SinaRun 2 | Main Menu’ thing will now switch to ‘SinaRun 2 | Options’ if you are in the options - This is still pretty unfinished. Further improvements will happen! - The game now support Fullscreen Windowed! Enjoy playing without Vsync without any screen tearing

// MAPS - Added a new map : Sweet Sweet Celestial. Most are not gonna like the colours but that’s totally okay. More of a stylish level than anything but I wasn’t even supposed to add a level to this update anyway. :) The whole design was made by @Keranouille. Go follow him and make him famous! - The level feature a quite unique design and allow to get a lot of speed. Hope you guys like it!

- Unusual Downtown - Fixed some shadows issues - Removed the Tilt Shift setting - It cause too much problems and don’t fit the visual style I want for SinaRun 2 - It was disabled by default since the game release so most of you shouldn’t notice any changes anyway - Still enabled in the main menu preview because it look good. (Might disable if I get complains about that)

- Wanderer Hideout - Made the left side at the end usuable without sacrifing too much speed (Realigned platforms etc) - Remade the end of the level. Instead of transforming into a shorthop map it now continue being about long jumps. - Reangled the slide, added new platforms.. etc etc - Jumping off a slide angled that way give a huge forward boost. Jump at the right time or you’re gonna directly land offmap! - Moved the first platform a little bit to make the first jump a little bit easier - Removed the slide in the secret zone. Added stairs instead

// FIXES AND MISC CHANGES - Improved performance -a lot- in menus - This update was mostly about updating the menu so ingame FPS didn’t get affected that much.. yet. - Some menus went from 450-600 fps too 900-1000fps on my computer - Unusual Downtown is now a ‘Very Easy’ level. This don’t change the difficulty itself but only the difficulty indicator - Made various changes to menus (better navigation, backend fixes.. etc) - Added a link to my Twitter in the main menu - I’ll add links to other social things later on - Added the fullscreen setting in the ‘Video’ menu. For real this time - Added the crosshair and scroll jumping setting in the main menu - Fixed the fullscreen string even more - Fixed some height issues with the pause menu (was too high sometime) - Fixed the end screen showing a wrong rotation of the camera - Fixed being able to jump while paused in multiplayer - Fixed a issue with level changing/restarting in multiplayer - Fixed the crosshair sometime not showing in multiplayer - Fixed the sliders being too large in the pause menu - The game now use XML files for the translation system (don’t worry devs. They weren’t hardcoded before. It was using a array) - This should make it easier for me to update the translation files - This will also make it easier for you guys to translate the game when I make a tool for that - Retranslated the whole game. Less typos more fun! - Pausing the game in singleplayer no longer freeze the game - It might sound like a downgrade but in a ‘serious’ gameplay nobody is gonna pause while running anyway - I did that change to make the code simplier and also because it will help for the future training mode - I also think it look better because the particles keep moving even though the game is paused

// Known issues - The rotation at reset is wrong on Linux - It also happened in SinaRun 1 so I’m not sure how to fix this - WORKAROUND : The timer start at the first keypress. So you can replace yourself before starting

There shouldn’t be any but with all the backend changes this update might introduce some bugs (specially in the menus) Please report them if you see one!

Here’s a quick list of things I still need to optimize : - The menu where you can choose the levels - Ingame logic in general (how the pause menu work in particuliar) And that’s pretty much it. Everything else was done in this update! :)

Like I said in the previous changelog this update is dedicated to make the code better and simplier. Lot of change for me but not much for you guys! The next update will be a content update.