It’s been a while since I last posted here.. Well actually when you think it’s been a while since I last posted something somewhere.

Don’t worry though. I’ve been working on SinaRun and other stuff I promise! The Steam version of SinaRun is almost ready (or at least the Steam store page is almost ready)

With Keranouille we’ve been working on trading cards (and backgrounds, emoticons, badges and stuff) so you guys can make some of that sweet sweet Steam money while playing SinaRun!

Here take a look (these are not final. they might change. Doubt it tho) :

Card WIP 01 Card WIP 02

I personally really like how good the logo look on the cards. As for the other things (backgrounds, emoticons and badges) they are pretty classic so there’s nothing fancy to show (+ the emoticons are not 100% done yet) . You’ll see them at some point (maybe before the release maybe not)

That’s pretty much it for the Steam part of it. Now for the game itself! Like I said on Greenlight/Twitter and stuff I’ve started working on a level editor!

There’s still one or two big issues to fix but it’s already kinda usable! I’ll look into adding fancy things and eventually full Steam Workshop support after the full release. It would be pretty cool to see a map making community around the game! Once the game fully support Steam Workshop I’ll probably try to organize a competition or something and the best map will be added to the game officially! That would be VERY cool uh.

While we’re talking about maps I would like to talk about how the maps will be categorized in the next update! As you probably know making a good, interesting and fun SinaRun map is kinda hard. Some people like this type of map some like this type better etc.. And sometime I like to make experimental new types of maps without having to face criticism (due to players expecting a ‘good’ map. Which is understandable!) so for the next update I added multiples categories for the maps!

Level Selection Menu This screenshot was taken before I added Golden Opportunity to the main menu. It’s in the Main Line. Also note the now working ‘Game Mode’ button ;3

The maps are currently separated in three categories : Main Line, Experimental and Classic. Main Line is for the confirmed good levels (all the current level), Experimental is well.. for experimental maps and Classic is for old maps from SinaRun Classic (the new update include 6 maps from SinaRun Classic). Here’s the current list of levels for each categories :

Main Line
1. Unusual Downtown
2. Blast Tendency
3. Elevated Highground
4. Wanderer Hideout
5. Sweet Sweet Celestial
6. Golden Opportunity

1. Inner Synergy

1. Red Things
2. White Roads
3. Blue Collums
4. Blue Horse
5. Dark Abyss
6. Light City

Eventually a fourth category will be added for customs maps (at the moment custom maps can be played through the Level Editor). I also plan on adding more filtering options to allow users to really find maps they like but that’s not needed for now considering there’s only 13 maps!

And that’s pretty much it for today post. I’ll try to post more considering we are getting closer to a eventual release! (The Steam store page should be up soon.. ish? I don’t know when. In the days/weeks/months to come for sure)

See ya all!

Golden Opportunity First preview of Golden Opportunity