Starting posts with ‘hai’ is the new meta for this blog. ‘Hai’ used to be quite popular but it eventually falled off when the ‘better memes’ started kicking in. So I’m taking the ‘hai!’ for myself.

Now there’s a important thing to note here. LOLCAT language is still popular and it does include ‘hai’ as a ‘Hello’ alternative but to me ‘hai’ was never exclusive to LOLCAT language. What do you guys think?

Anyway that’s not important for the moment. Take notes still though!

Let’s talk about my problem : I’m the laziest developer in the fucking world. SinaRun was supposed to be released soon after greenlight but the game has been greenlit since September and still no release!! What’s happening? Motivation problems? Yes exactly! SinaRun is a nice game and I like it. Since the last update I already included some cool stuff all around : Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Lobby for multiplayer so you can join your friends. (It’s not 100% finished yet but it’s pretty close)

I also added some options and fixed a bunch of things. More importantly I recoded a major part of the game in C# to allow for better usage of the Steam API and also because it’s a bit clearer than UnityScript. It’s also similar to other languages I like so I can switch between all of these without any big problems!

What’s left for release you may ask? Answer : Content! I added some levels but we need more levels. Levels are fun! Also Steam Leaderboards! It’s the last Steam API function needed. I also talked about making a Level Editor but it’s not intended to be released at the same time the game release anyway since I also need to add Workshop support so everyone can ~~sell~~ share his maps with other players.

Today I bought Taylor Swift latest album : 1989. For the moment my favorite song in it is ‘This Love‘ but it might be because I already listened to ‘Style‘ and ‘Blank Space‘ a lot. Actually I can’t even listen to Blank Space anymore. I don’t like it anymore! Bad Blood is also pretty cool! I think it will be my next favorite song in it. Cause baby we got bad blood.

Anyway. As you see there’s not much things to add to finish up the game and release it. So why am I panicking you might ask? Well. I’m still young (Just a young boy trying to play some dota) so obviously I’m not in need of money yet. So what’s the problem? The problem is Love&Luck. Not the concept because Love is pretty nice and I’m a pretty lucky (young boy). But the game.

Logo du jeu Love&Luck

My English audience hasn’t heard of it because it was originally a text-heavy game and I couldn’t translate it but the project evolved into something much more translatable (and sell-able) even the French crowd hasn’t heard of what the project is currently now but I promise you. It evolved into something much bigger. You guys will hear more about it this summer. I promise it’s very good! Everyone that has seen it says that it’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E so it must be!

I still didn’t describe what the problem with the release date of SinaRun was did I? Well like I said I want you guys to hear about Love&Luck this summer. To make news about a game you actually need to make the game so I would like to start making Love&Luck this summer. For that I need to release SinaRun before you know! Now now I know ‘don’t have two projects at the same time!!!!’. Well I’ve been working on SinaRun for almost years! (and the reason the game is not yet fully advanced is because I lost my way.)

The game is playable, people find it fun, there’s a good soundtrack and there’s multiplayer! All of the ‘normal’ features are actually there (except Leaderboards but these depended on Steam). Considering the very low cost of the game (2-3$) I don’t think it’s totally absurd to release it with a ‘normal’ amount of content and then update it later. Specially considering it’s a game where you do the same map a bunch of time in a row until you become the very best.

Is the game gonna die after the release? .. Maybe who knows. InMomentum died after release and it’s a quite similar game to SinaRun. I fully understand that the game might die and that releasing with not a huge amount of content might even make it die faster. However unlike InMomentum, the game cost 2-3$ and I’m a solo-developper that can actually listen to feedback. So maybe it can live.

There’s also something I explored earlier this year : Early Access. Months ago I asked the community what they thought of Early Access and everyone was happy about it and said they would like to play it as early as possible on Steam so hey. That’s something. Early Access is not well seen on the internet though. But since the core of the game is finished I think it wouldn’t be a problem. Obviously the game would be at reduced cost during Early Access (probably 2$ like right now) and I would keep adding content (levels once in a while and gamemodes) and finish up the Level Editor later on while working on Love&Luck. What you guys need to know about Love&Luck is that I’ll be working with someone else on it which means I can fully afford working on a lesser project (SinaRun) while developing Love&Luck. Will I release in Early Access? Maybe. It’s something I’ll look at.

Alright let’s enter the core of this post. (930 words and we are still not in the subject. Classic Princesseuh)

I admit it fully. I lack motivation right now for SinaRun (recoding a game is not a fun experience! In general you avoid it in Software development but it was a very informative experience for me and overall it help the game a lot). If I was as motivated as other devs the game would have been available in November/December. But I’m not! At All. 

This month (May) I would like to start something with you guys! When I started making the first SinaRun I actually streamed the development. Sure I didn’t have much viewers (5-10 usually) but once in a while someone would come and say hello. Which was pretty fun + I could ask for direct feedback which is pretty cool! (And is also the reason why Is kinda like the Early Access concept)

Logo de Twitch

So this Month I would like to announce :

The -almost- 30 days May Rush of SinaRun.

Streamed on Twitch at the same exact channel I streamed SinaRun 1 development years ago : (the viewer counter is broken at 0. I promise I had viewers!)

Why I’m making a stream? Because it force me to motivate myself and seeing people interested in the project also motivate myself. Also people asked for it when I was doing the Ludum Dare months ago but I didn’t have my setup ready and I wasn’t sure I was really gonna get -any- viewers.

Will I get viewers this time? Maybe not. But it’s still fun! And this time Twitch has a ‘Game development’ part on the website so it’s easier to get noticed and my ‘userbase’ is bigger than it was before aswell. I think I’ll do fine. If I don’t.. well I’ll invite my friends to watch I guess..

I’ll -try to- stream everyday starting from now until the end of May. At the end of May I release the game on Steam if possible. Otherwise.. I’ll keep working on it until It’s ready. If the live-streaming thing work correctly and everyone like it I’ll try to continue live-streaming the development of Love&Luck from the very beginning!

Does this interest you guys? I sure hope so. Like I said I’ll stream even if I get no viewers. Just to motivate myself. I’m that desperate sometime.

No matter what happen, Romeo. We will be together and I’ll still finish this damn game before starting Love&Luck. I hope you guys don’t mind seeing non-organised code and bad workflow!

When will the first session start? To-Fucking-day (if possible) I want to start that as soon as possible. Delaying it will eventually become a real issue. As always I’ll announce the thing on mah Twitter because that’s where I can communicate the most. Also a banner will be shown on my website (so right here actually) like it used to be back when I did streams. (‘Today’ is 2 May)

Which days will be missed? Because if I understand correctly you’re not gonna be able to stream everyday? I actually don’t know. For some reason I have a ‘job’ and it’s not a full-time job and it’s pretty much random when I work or not. I’ll try to warn people these days so people don’t expect a stream when there’s no stream coming.

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Actually, It’s about fixing my motivation problems.