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About 9 years ago when I started programming, one thing I really enjoyed doing was fully reading the blogs of developers I admired (back then it was the French developers Sebsauvage and Lehollandaisvolant in particular). I would spend nights scrolling through their blog until finally reaching their first posts!

It was really interesting to see how much they had evolved since their first articles and thus was born my love for blogs, people (and programming!).

The second I learned HTML/CSS/PHP (didn’t even learn JS! Was too hard.) my first goal was to make myself a personal website where -just like the developers I admired!- I would write about the things I learned, my thoughts on certain things, my projects etc. My first personal website even used the same CMS the developers I enjoyed reading used! How cool is that!

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Heeello everyone!

Yeah sorry I already broke my new rule of starting post with ‘hai!’. It’s not like it’s the first time I’m breaking promises though.. What happened to SinaRun you might ask? ‘It’s releasing in July’ you said! Yeah. It was actually okayish. Like it was still bad! But it was better than it used to.

Anyway! Let put all that behind us. I’d rather not be remembered as that guy that got Chronique de Solaria’s (It’s an inside joke with my good friend FoxFiesta.) Oh yeah talking about FoxFiesta! What a man. How can one man be so based you might ask? Well look at that

Yep. That’s right. SinaRun is finally coming out. Actually it’s releasing tomorrow. In 15 hours! (I should have done that post earlier this week I think.. Damn.) and it’s releasing in that weird thing that people don’t remember when good games go through it. Also known as EARLY ACCESS! (the demon!)

Early Access Description Talking about the wolf..

Why? Well. SinaRun is one fine piece of a game but that’s exactly the problem. It’s only one piece! The mechanics are obviously done but the game could use more content! More Levels! More Gamemodes! More things as a whole! Don’t get me wrong the actual content is already pretty cool but it could certainly use.. more awesome things!

Right now what’s the state of the game you says? Well it work for starter. There’s 16 levels, a online multiplayer that (kinda?) work and online leaderboards powered by Steam! If you like this type of game, manage to find a map you like and there’s enough competition on the leaderboard you could last at least 10-20 hours? I know some of my testers have around 30~ hours

The game will cost 2.99$ USD and there’s currently no price change planned Considering the actual content of the game that’s a pretty cool price. Considering it’s my type of game I would most certainly buy it if I saw it on Steam!

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Bonjour et bienvenue dans la release de SinaRun 2.

Après toutes ces mois de développement SinaRun 2 est enfin prêt à être release au grand public! Oui oui! Pour l’occasion l’ami FoxFiesta m’a fait un trailer vachement cool!

Et donc comme précédemment dit dans l’article précédent SinaRun 2 est donc disponible sur :

Également le jeu est votable sur Greenlight :

D’autres plateformes viendront dès que possible! Comme dit précédemment le jeu est donc à 1.99$ pour les premiers mois et il montera à 2.99$ à un certains point :) Une version gratuite sera disponible dès que j’ai fini d’upload.

Merci à tous!